What Love Inspires, Piper Nichole. Oil Paintings on Wood Panel. 8x8 inches. 2-inch wide wood sides.


Cherry Blossoms. From the paintings carried by the Smithsonian American Art Museum store and Renwick Gallery store in Washington, DC. (This is one example out of four sets. They were framed in white-framed shadowboxes.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.40.09 PM.png

This painting was carried at the Museum of Contemporary Art Museum store. (Framed in a white frame.)

Paris Cafe, Piper Nichole. Oil, pastel and pencil on paper. 7.5x7.5 / 12x12 in white frame with a white matte. 

An Evening in Lisbon
Piper Nichole
Oil and pencil on wood panel.
5x5, 2-inch wood sides. 

If you click on the images, it will expand into a larger frame. 

Untitled, Piper Nichole. Oil, water and gouache on canvas. 3x3 / 5x7 in a shadow box frame with black matte. 

A Fairy Tale, Oil and gouache, 3x3 / 8x10 in a white shadow box frame with white matte. 

Silver Lining, Piper Nichole. Watercolor and gouache. 8.5x6.5 / 18x14 in white frame with white matte. 

The Lake, Piper Nichole, 5x5. Oil on wood panel. 2-inch wood sides. 

After the Storm, Piper Nichole. 6x12. Oil on wood panel, 2-in. sides. 

Venice, Piper Nichole. Oil and Venetian glaze on wood panel. 16x20.  2-in wood sides. 

Simple Things, Piper Nichole. 11x14. Oil on canvas. 

San Francisco, Piper Nichole. Oil and pencil on canvas, 40x30. 

Watercolor, meta leaf on paper. 

The Beach.
Piper Nichole
Oil on canvas.
3x3 / 5x7 in shadow box white frame with white matte.


This last pic is also one of the sets from the paintings carried by the Smithsonian American Art Museum store / Renwick Gallery store.


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