The Everything Homebuying Book
3rd Edition by Piper Nichole


ISBN-13: 9781598696400
ISBN-10: 1-59869-640-8


YOU DRIVE DOWN a beautiful road, gazing at the large homes with plush green lawns and sparkling lights inviting you inside for just a moment. Your car zips past and you can't help but wonder: How did they manage to get that house of their dreams?

You wake up every morning, work hard, and come home. When that home means rent, a part of you, even if not fully awakened, longs for a home of your own, some small piece of paradise. You start to fantasize about it: a condo in the city with tall ceilings and river views; a single family home with two stories so your children can go to the best schools in the area; or maybe a ranch with a really great garage where you can work on your car at all hours of the night. You playfully fantasize about a beach home, no matter how impractical, and somehow, that longing turns to action. Every longing eventually becomes a reality, even homebuying. 

On these pages, experts from across the nation guide you through the homebuying process, explaining: 

  • Tactics to help you improve your credit score
  • How to be financially prepared to buy
  • Why a home inspection will save you money
  • What to look for in a great real-estate agent, lender and inspector
  • How to shop a neighborhood and home with a trained eye
  • How to negotiate the price and contract -- looking out for your interests
  • Blunders to avoid
  • How to have a smooth closing
  • How to protect your investment
  • And so much more!

We will get you on the path to homeownership and guide you through the steps of becoming a buyer with purchasing power. There is no greater relief than being able to call a lender, tell them your situation and how you have been preparing to buy (after reading The Everything Homebuying Book, of course ;) --and hear them say, "Your income and credit look great. Your debt is minimal. We can definitely get you in a home."

You're one page closer to your dream home. 

The For Sale By Owner Handbook
by Piper Nichole

ISBN: 156414805X

Have you ever wanted to sell your own home? Jennifer Wake is banking $45,000 from selling her home solo. This nurse by night, For Sale By Owner by day, says, "It really paid off." 

The For Sale by Owner Handbook guides you step-by-step through the home-selling process. It gives you inside real estate trade secrets to sell your home like a pro. 

A team of national leading experts from: "Trading Spaces", Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Country Living, "This Old House", Yale University, University of California-Berkeley, New York University, American University, and the Fannie Mae Foundation (just to name a few!) — take you by the hand and teach you how to: 

  • Sell your home for the best price
  • Make your home irresistible to buyers
  • Negotiate contracts with ease (sample real estate contracts included)
  • Hassle-free closing
  • How to make sure buyers are financially qualified to buy your home
  • How to get your home listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • And every single step along the way 

In addition, there are numerous interviews with national experts, including: 

  • Real estate agents – successful home-selling tactics
  • Attorneys –provide legal advice and contract tips
  • Interior designers –to make your home look more spacious
  • Home inspectors –What you want to see, what you don’t want to know (see the sample inspection report)
  • Appraisers, mortgage lenders, title insurance pros, home warranty experts, termite inspectors, and more.

From the Back Cover

"A must read for both novice and experienced homeowners looking for realistic selling options to avoid costly sales commissions." — Patrick M. Butler, president, Home Financing Center Realty, Inc.

"Makes the process easy to understand and easy to implement successfully. Good luck to all that make the money-saving effort!" — Norm Bour, host, "The Real Estate and Finance Show"

"Piper has done a masterful job of helping homeowners avoid costly mistakes I see people make every day." — Ron LeGrand, real-estate investor and best-selling author of How to be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire

Top 5 Home Selling Tips from experts featured in The For Sale By Owner Handbook by Piper Nichole:

Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Karol DeWulf Nickell: “Consider selling yourself. While most homeowners are too busy to deal with the hassle of selling a home, it can be worth exploring, since it could save you thousands on commissions by selling by owner.”

TLC’s Trading Spaces, Hildi Santo-Tomas: “Less is more. You’re entertaining people in your home that may want to buy it. Make it look as good as it can so you can sell it.” 

University of California, Berkeley, Thomas Davidoff: “People tend to be in too much of a hurry and take the lower price instead of waiting a few weeks and getting a higher price. People make the mistake of selling too low.”

Outdoor Living, John Byrd: “The first impression is most important in life, you want the visitor to feel they have come home.”

R.T. Hayes & Associates, attorney Tom Hayes: “If it’s not in writing, it’s not binding.”

The For Sale By Owner Handbook by Piper Nichole features experts from "Trading Spaces," The Oprah Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, DIY Network, "This Old House," NYU, UC-Berkeley, Yale and scores of others! 


Publisher: Career Press
ISBN-13: 9781564149398
ISBN-10: 1-56414-939-0

"Between us," David sighs heavily from a long day at work. 

I nod, leaning in closer. 

It took several months for David to find the house of his dreams. It was a two-story, more-than-he-wanted-to-pay-for personal castle. He worked out a few credit stumbles and he signed countless paperwork for his $200,000 mortgage. He joked that they may as well have drawn blood from his very arms. 

"It was the day of closing and I found out I needed to pay $400 in closing costs. I wasn't expecting to pay anything," he sighs. He didn't know how he was going to come up with $400 at the last minute -- he was tapped dry and it was a week away from payday. His closing had been pushed back three times and he wanted to close on this house so much. His lease was up on his apartment, his boxes were packed and his wife and two kids were anxious to move. 

He asked his supervisor for an advance on his paycheck. But, his supervisor couldn't find their boss to approve it. So, his supervisor pulled out her checkbook and wrote him a personal check for $400 to help him have his closing. So thankful and relieved, he promised to pay her back.

"I may reach in my pockets," he shows me his empty pockets. But, he says, "I am surrounded by angels."       

Now, he is moving in. He can't wait to just collapse with relief on his bed. He says, "We're tired, but it's a good tired."
Buying a House on a Shoestring by Piper Nichole is an all-in-one guide that will carry you through the homebuying process one step at a time. Find out where you can look for your dream home, how much you can afford, and how to pay for it. You will also learn how to:

  • Improve your credit
  • Research a neighborhood before you buy
  • Score the best mortgage
  • Negotiate the best contract

Buying a House on a Shoestring includes sample contracts, home inspections, first-time homeowner programs and Q&As, plus a mortgage and real estate glossary.

Praise & Press for Buying a House on a Shoestring:

Buying a House on a Shoestring by Piper Nichole has been featured on ABC Radio Network, Washington Post's Reader Express, USA Radio Network, Traders Nation, Cable Radio Network, more! 

"A must read if you are considering buying a home." -- Leslie Nichols, Realtor, RE/MAX Professional Group

"Buying a House on a Shoestring provides first-time home buyers with the knowledge and skills to negotiate the best possible terms. This book has insight from the best of the best in the real estate industry nationwide. An absolute must-read for first time homebuyers!!" -- Clinton Wade, real estate agent, President's Circle, Prudential CA Realty

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